Sunday, February 15, 2009

Okay I made it back from the deep dark mysterious south sometimes called Arizona. I golfed, I read books and hung out with old people.

By the way I didn't bring souvenirs or photographs but I showed you a class upskirt pussy shot

nighty night good people .... and bad people too

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hello my sweet young friends, do you have money perhaps you could lend?

Okay I got the song lyric bug from Chris so blame the opening line on her, of course I am a man so nothing is ever my fault.

So anyways I am still being a lazy ass in Arizona. Golf and some light reading. Home cooked meals and laundry service, so yeah I am not in a hurry to go home to the snow.

Not a whole lot new in my life went for a drive in my new truck just for the hell of it

hmm anyways any one bored enough to read this missive feel free to ask any burning questions

Mean while I will enjoy a cold bottle of water in the sun

(diabetes sucks or that would be a cold bottle of beer)

Sean the Obtuse Canadian