Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Heartland Lacey update

We had a fairly good weekend with 1 first and 3 thirds

One of my horses is suposed to qualify next week so here's hoping

PS Who ever has the ticket for the irish chick will rip out his heart
, throw it in the dirt and dance on it. Congratulations you can pick up your prize at the concesion stand

Thursday, August 27, 2009

In response to Chris's question

How long DOES it typically take for a horse to be ready to run a race? 10 months doesn't seem that long?

Typically it seems to take between 5 and 8 months, you can rush the training but you gamble that the horse will not injure itself. For example one of the guys we race against is a bit impatient and he rushed his horse in a little over 8 weeks, it ran once or twice injured itself and is now done racing till next year. He actually did this with more than one horse this year and it has cost him every time

That is why I did not begrudge the time spent training until it turned into being ridiculous, I can honestly say that I am now leery about purchasing any more horses and especially about placing with this trainer.

I met a new trainer and I respect his abilities and judgement a lot but he is 82 and not capable of looking after more than 1 or 2 horses which he already has

By the way his 2 year olds which he bought at the exact same sale have been racing for 6 weeks already ...... and winning

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Okay the Heartland Lacey report

She is still retired always will be and it bothers me more than I thought it would. I somehow became more attached than I thought I had, She was my first race horse but oh well shit happens!!

This is a picture of one of my other 2 horses let me introduce you to Prairie Ruff n Tuff he is a 2 year old brown gelding, but his nae race horse mainly based on the fact that he HASN'T been raced yet!!! the trainer he is with seems to think I am made of money as he has been in training for 10 months and still hasn't run a race!! All of this trainers other customers are in the same boat and believe me that ship is about to sink. We are all tired of paying training bills with no return on investment

I might just have to get out of the horse race business as it is too hard on my nerves and it is so far a very expensive hobby

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I regret to inform you that in the process of training Heartland Lacey ran away and colided with a fixed object. She sustained serious career ending injuries and has retired from the field. With a record of 2 wins she will be sent to pasture to recuperate and be turned hopefully into some little girls pet.

I guess it is time to find a new horse....sigh

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Lacey update is short and sweet this week

No news is No good news

Or to be precise we were rained out and no horses were harmed in the making of this post

Good Night and Good bye cruel rainy world

Monday, August 10, 2009

Okay the Heartland Lacey update

We were in the Little Irish Downs in Killarney! Unfortunately Killarney Manitoba or I might have snuck off for an afternoon tryst with the Irish chick

Anyways I went to a horse race and brought a cow with me, she didn't even belong on the track she was 9Th in a field of 8

Its a good thing that there is only 3 more weekends of racing in Manitoba I don't think I could stand it

The other horses did okay they didn't win but they didn't embarrass themselves at least

We accidentally sponsored a race!!!! lol

We sponsored a race next weekend but they screwed up the dates and have us down for both weekends luckily I was able to scrounge up a prize, some corporate jackets and shirts, It worked out pretty well because it was a tie for the winner so we just split up the merchandise

Next weekend we are giving away a horse blanket to the winner of the race, we are prepared for this one

Any ways any other questions just ask

Oh and horse steaks are only $ 1.25 a pound for a limited time offer

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Okay we had Monday off so that's why the slow update on the racing

My horse heartland Lacey finish a solid 2nd earning a 900 dollar paycheck and some much needed self respect. She was following the second horse out of the hole when the horse stopped running and just quit, my horse was boxed in and had to drop all the way back to the back of the field. She then staged a valiant comeback passing all but the lead horse to come in 2nd. A very hard race and a very good win in my books.

The trainer is notably and nicely more interested in his job

My dads 2 horses Ray's Folly and Pampered both won there races so it was a stellar week end at the track