Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why raze a perfectly good house? Because it isnt perfectly good, its older than me heck its older than you(living dangerously teasing a woman about her age) but then Clingons love danger KAPLACHT!

My house predates the records of local authorities but they know it is atleast 81 years old. Its a wee hunk of shit thats falling down around my ears, I have owned it about 15 years and been mortgage free for 10.

Its time it took a permanent dirt nap and a nice little cottage put in its place

If the mood struck me I could spend a fortune on renovations but as the house is old and ugly and I raze houses for a living it seems a natural.

Before you ask

Clingon = 39 and clinging on with both hands lmao

Later Days
Well Chris the IC and I have a strange and complicated relationship, she's complicated and I am strange. Simple(like most men are) but strange!! Not SCM strange..... so far lol

We still talk all the time but we don't have the same relationship we once had

RAZE is one of thos oxymoronic words. To raze a house means to demolish it, kind of opposite of what it sounds like huh

I kind of cant think of anything more to say so I will say good night gracie

Good Night Gracie

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well Chris since you asked, no not really I am not much of a bitcher and what pisses me off I usually just let go. Its why I can handle extreme levels of stress with relative ease, I don't store up the anger and frustration in my cheeks like a chipmunk with acorns. I let it go (I some times vent but not too often) and I try and remember the things I like not the things I hate.

Speaking of things I like, the Irish Chick read my blog today and was completely less than happy about it. I kind of know what you went through with the SCM when he found your blog, except I don't think my blog in any way denigrates her, She feels other wise. We agreed to disagree

Work... well its gone completely and utterly insane as per expectations and I am seriously considering quitting and taking up a quiet life of knitting. Nahh with hands like mine stitch purl knit would look like the cats been playing with it lol

Diabetes? Well just went for my 3 month blood test so stand by for results, I am happy but I suspect Doc wont be. Blood sugar is still a bit high but when it drops down to normal I feel anything but normal.

I bought a slightly used minivan, I sold a slightly more used minivan for slightly more than I bought it for

I suffered several insubstantial war wounds this week owing entirely to my impatience, though the bruise on my thigh is turning a particularly pretty shade of purple..... if you like purple that is.

I am considering razing my house, bonus points if you know what that means with out looking it up, to build a new one. the roof is leaking now and it is really frosting my flakes

I haven't won the lottery but I did get my tax refund so it feels about the same lol

That's pretty much my life in a nut shell

Now you know more about me than my family but less than the IC

ta Ta for now