Thursday, September 21, 2006

Okay Okay Okay
I guess I am a confusing guy, you would think I would know that after confusing myself for 38 years but here goes a better explanation

-on Tuesday night she asked for some space for the night
-she did not contact me Wednesday so I assumed she didn't want to talk to me
-it urns out she did contact me Wednesday but my stupid phone didn't pass through the messages so I didn't know
- when I text messaged her this morning all of a sudden a bunch of texts from Wednesday miraculously show up on my black berry
- I think micro soft must have bought black berry because now it crashes for no good reason just like a PC
-now she's pissed because she thought I was ignoring her and I thought she was ignoring me and around around we go

as for the anonymous poster from a previous post, you must understand that this is my personal blog it is written from my perspective. I am sure there are things about me that drive her completely batty one of which I know is that my moods can change fast but generally from mad to calm.

as well there is the fact that like most men I will defend my girlfriend against anyone or anything. I can bitch about her all day but just because of that I will not accept anyone else saying anything bad about her even if it is just repeating what I said. We men are funny like that

I hope this answers your questions
razors back
I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the Irish chick

it turns out that she was not ignoring me but that my phone was fucked up and not forwarding through the messages she was sending me

and I was too pig headed to notice my phone was fucked up.

so I would say all in all, all my fault and I am sorry

razors back

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hi everybody

as usual my posts are about either the Irish chick or myself

or both

Tuesday night the iris chick told me she needed space and wanted to be left alone, I respected that and gave her the respect she asked for and gave her the space she wanted. Its been over 24 hours since she contacted me and I wonder, do we still have a relationship.

maybe I am too much of a man and I expect that we should have contact

see what so many women don't understand is that maybe men don't want to be bothered by the little complications of life we still expect to know about most things. We honestly don't give a fuck about your relationship with your girlfreinds but we do expect to know when you have car problems or some other man is being difficult. See to us problems with your girlfreinds are as important as a gnat on an elephants ass, where as you consider those problems tantamount.

none of this is relevant to me and the Irish chick but its just an example

how can she love me and ignore me?

razors back

Friday, September 15, 2006

hi everybody

i know i have been a bit obstreptorous lately and i am sorry

thank you karen for the message

thank you chris for the E-card

i am really very even tempered and any posting on my site that makes it sound different is just a mis-interpretation, i would never deny that i have a temper that i get angry, sad, mad or glad, but for the most part i am as calm as a light breeze.

the job from hell? well it ever seems to end but i have accepted it and moved on

the irish chick? well she is just herself blowing hot or cold depending on the day. I wish once and for all she would decide what she wants and if i am that thing she wants.

i am a man full of contradictions and wee bits of devilment

well mabe not quite average as i am 6'6" and 400 ponds.

i wait for her answer though i must admit with less and less enthusiasm with each passing month

any body want an inteligent, tall and fat man for an aquaintence

razors back

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy fucking birthday to me
happy fucking birthday to me
I'm not sorry to see you go
I hope to hell it never comes back
happy fucking birthday to me
infact happy 38th fucking birthday to me