Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well I don't remember if I told yall but I bought a 1/4 interest in a third horse, I own it with a Friend and the trainer owns 1/2. The trainer is telling me that the wee lass is training well and I could recoup my whole investment in 1 or 2 races. The trainer was desperate for cash and sold the horse too cheap I think but I paid what he asked but I was expecting to pay twice what I did. It seems for once I made a bargain but I haven't even ever seen this horse. Not even a picture of it so I hope its as good as they say.

Its finally getting to be decent weather here and I am considering demothballing my trailer for the summer. Any one wants to drop by for a well done steak just RSVP by the previous Friday.

I am scheduled this weekend to go and help one of my employees strip the stucco off his house, I remember this as shitty job but he asked so I agreed. I think I will be getting my exercise this weekend lol

Everything is going fairly well these days I am happy with where things are

I think I will take my big red truck out of the garage and go for a drive, some people like motorcycles or sports cars but I prefer my Super Duty Ford

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Okay sorry for the confusion but its not my birthday, My birthday is in September and since they now start with ffff's we need never speak of this again.

That was supposed to represent an old depressed fart(me) having a party, A customer has agreed to hand deliver a cheque for 1.3 million dollars to me today which will ease my cash flow problems a certain amount. Now if he would only pay the other 2.2 it really would be a PARTY.

Now onto new business

Chris has inspired me to post about the fabulous world of being the boss, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Sure the perks and the salary are nice but the responsibilities and stress some times make you question the worth of it all. And of course the employees can be the biggest stress of them all, well after cash flow.

Business wise we had an exceptional year last year with our highest sales and best profit margin ever. But that lead me to having to hire 103 new people in 2008 alone. Don't get me wrong I didn't create 103 new positions I just rotated that many through the roster. We peaked out at 85 total and believe me that was enough.

But lets look at some of the greatest hits

Theres the guy who didn't like being spoken to harshly by the site supervisor so he walked the 10 miles back to the hotel got drunk off his ass crazy and tore up the hotel and private vehicles to the tune of about 8 grand was arrested and posted out of town by the RCMP. He was put on the bus and told never come back except for his court date. He actually phoned up a week later and asked if he still had a job!

I ended up replacing my whole office staff, except for me unfortunately. My head book keeper of 7 years quit with 1 weeks notice, the bitch. Her replacement even though I kept asking her if she needed help and if she was keeping up and was reassured she was, we found hundreds of thousands of unbilled work orders hidden around the office after she quit.

The guy that was dating my head book keeper and who I was working at finding a way to fire him with out pissing her off who quit because one of my supervisors said something mean to him, poor didums.

The 14 guys I hired and who never actually ever showed up, by the way they aren't in the 103 total

The ones who are desperate for money, would do anything for money except show up on a Saturday or overtime

We have a clean shaven policy because of the possibility of needing a rescue respirator, you would be surprised how many men value a goatee over a job

By the way I say men because other than office staff my crew is almost entirely male, we are not sexist but 99.9% of applicants are men and the few women we have hired don't stick it out. So no fair employment complaints against me

One guy quit because he had to share a hotel room, there weren't enough rooms in the small town so they had to double up.

The supposedly trained professional secretary who couldn't even file because she didn't know her alphabet.

Oh well back to my day job

Hope you all have a good day

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well yeah for me!!!

I have been accused of always whining so I finally got me some good news so I came to share the sunshine

My major customer is finally paying off some of there bill and it means I can quit sweating the cash for a few weeks!!! PARTY ALL THE TIME

Monday, April 20, 2009

I guess no one looked to closely at the picture on my last post or somebody would have posted something.

Go back and see if you can spot the laugh

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear Mr./miss/Mrs. Anonymous

Thank you for your recent visitation and criticism. Yes I fully admit that this is a whiny blog because I come here to whine. I don't whine in my real life as there are entirely too many relying on me. But every one needs a vent and this is my place to vent. If you don't like my musings that is your business but should you ever bother returning feel free to comment as you want, I always welcome other perspectives on my life or at least that part I choose to show you.

One interesting point you raise is why Chris follows my blog. I know you followed me from there because as far as I know she is the only one in the world who follows my whining. I believe she used to enjoy reading about the Irish chick but since I rarely discuss her much this reason has obviously expired. I guess we have a weird blog relationship I have followed her through all of the twists ant turns of her life through blogging. You may know her original blog "100 reasons I hate my husband" it was a great blog and she is a fantastic writer.

I wish I could write as well and find the humour in life she and so many others do, that isn't me so I get on with posting what I do.

You have read my blog and know what it is like so feel free not to comeback conversely feel free to return at your leisure, I am a big boy now and can accept criticism

ADDENDUM: Please feel free to use your real online name I will not follow you back to your blog to start trouble, my mother raised me to have class. If you want a flame war we could have it right here, just give me a chance to put up the fire proof curtains

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I think I have discovered the most boring person in the world, like this road he is flat and boring with nothing of interest happening. He never has any drama, he doesn't do drugs or do stupid things with money. He has a steady job and a steady income. And other than the occasional Internet spat with the Irish chick his life is pretty much devoid of excitement. If something does go wrong he doesn't panic he just quietly goes about putting it right or ignoring it till he can.

The most boring person I know is ME

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Here is kind of picture worth a thousand words explanation of the difference between the new and old worlds

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

here is another new and interesting find though I think a few will have been here first

Short accounts about how fugged up peoples lives can be

Okay mother nature very funny Aprilfool's day joke, har dee har har, we are all laughing

Okay I know this is Canada and all but really snow on Aprilfool's day some pranks are just too cruel for words