Saturday, August 11, 2007

Okay here's a meme I stole off Christine who stole it off some one else etc etc etc.

Two names you go by
1 My real name Sean
2 Razorback - high school nickname due to my some what excessive size
3 Animal - work nick name due my aggressiveness at accomplishing tasks and habit of running over things that get in my way(more of an intellectual than actual physical habit)

Two things you are wearing
1 steel toed work boots
2 contact lenses

Two things you want badly
1 a holiday
2 enough money so I don't have to worry

Two pets you have
1 I don't have pets - unless you include my 55 employees

Two things you did last night
1 Drank beer
2 Slept - yes I am a party animal, hold me back before I go crazy

Two things you will do tonight
1 Regret what will never be
2 Drink and sleep - its an ongoing theme in my sad little life

Two favourite Holidays
1 Boxing Day
2 Good Friday

Two things you can't live with out
1 stress
2 caffeine

Two favourite numbers
1 9/1/1976
2 955

Two favourite sports
1 12 ounce curl
2 golf

Two good Drinks
1 Sleemans Genuine Draft
2 Canadian Rye Whiskey

Two TV shows you like
1 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
2 Corner Gas

Two favourite foods
1 Roast beef Sandwich with mustard
2 Steak

Two favourite passions
1 Blog trolling on political blogs
2 the Irish chick