Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Last year my mother had cancer, she had treatment and was given a clean bill of health.

they went on vacation to Arizona, they have a place in a retirement community. Its a nice place plus my mother has spinal arthritis so she really appreciates the warm dry weather.

last week they phoned me, they were both crying, and they told me that they think her cancer has returned. Now they are on their way back to Canada to seek treatment. How hard is it to hear the people who raised you cry. It was them that were strong and protected you, they looked after you, guided you through the maze of life and last but not least chased the monsters out of your life. Now its my job to be the monster killer.

don't get me wrong I feel more than up to the task its just not one I expected to inherit so soon.

I suppose that we will almost all become those we admired or atleast try to be those we admired.

the Irish chick is trying to get me to come and visit again, I am really tempted, I need a break and I was going to visit my parents but now of course I can't. But then I can't really leave right now either not until I find out about my mom. I know I am a fucking fool letting her back in to mess with my head but I miss her and I love her. Who said humans did what was good for them

okay take your shots