Friday, May 29, 2009

My horse Heartland Lacey is racing again tonight but unfortunately I am not able to go, My wee and favourite niece has a ballet recital tonight and would be disappointed if I tried to skip out

Plus the nephew has soap box derby races tomorrow morning

I will post the results as they are available on the internets

Or if you are that dang curious you could go to Stadardbred Canada web site and find the link to the Yorkton Races

Zee yah later

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Live racing for the 2009 season kicked off at the Yorkton Exhibition Association track in Saskatchewan last Friday. The weather conditions were not optimal. A bundled group took in the first card of the season under many layers of clothing, but that didn't stop Ryan Grundy from making his presence felt.

On what was the first of 16 nights of racing this season, Grundy's name kept showing up in the winner's circle Friday, as the Manitoba driver took three rides to top spot.

“It was good, really good,” Grundy said with a smile, as he returned to his barn afterward. He said the success on opening night was a result of having horses ready for the season.

“My own stable, the three I had out were just ready to go. I had them really fit. Some of the horses on the grounds aren't quite fit yet.”

By having his horses primed, Grundy said he went into the night with a plan. “I drove them aggressively. I gave them a chance to win.” He added that because they were in condition he knew he wasn't going to hurt them by going hard.

Grundy's first win of the night came in the second race with Idle On Over, a horse owned and trained by Robert Ross of Vidren, MB.

Grundy was back to the winner's circle in the third race with Heartland Lacey, a horse he trains, as well as co-owns with Sean Osterbeck and Derek Gilbert.

The final winning ride of the night for Grundy came in the sixth race with Pampered, a horse he trains for owners Richard Osterbeck and Fred Gilbert.

The Manitoba driver had place finishes with Kneehill Harry in the fifth and Rocky Skies in the eighth race.

While Grundy had a huge night driving three wins, and two place finishers, the fastest pace of the night had a familiar pairing rounding the track is a crisp 2:01.2. Brian Gray, a veteran of four seasons at the track took his seven-year-old mare Outlaw Watch Me to top spot in the night's seventh race.

The win was Outlaw Watch Me's first of 2009 in five starts, and pushed the horse's lifetime earning past $68,500.

(With files from Yorkton)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Heartland Lacey the newest addition to my stable won her first race im Yorkton by 1 length for a purse of $ 500.00. Sure the prize money is low but she is showing some real promise. We will have to see how next weeks race goes

Friday, May 22, 2009

I am off to watch my horse race in Yorkton Saskatchewan first time this year

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Okay so in the interest of not taking over Chris's Blog I will post my dumb ass drunk story on my own blog (as well as upping my post count)

It was when I was about 25, I met an old school Friend in the bar and both being a little wild and wacky we started hard at it. I wanted whiskey he wanted tequila so I ordered a round of 3 whiskies, 3 tequila's and a beer. He bought the second round I remember that much however much of the rest of the evening I have been told about. Apparently I was making "snow angels" on the bar floor and I fell over in the bar hit a table and put a 7 stitch cut over my right eye. Apparently I was leaning against the side of the bar playing with my cut and making the bouncers go green. My other Friend loaded me into a taxi and took me off to the hospital.

I came to in the cab and remember walking into emergency, where the attending nurse was my parents next door neighbour. I layed down on the table and the doctor came in and told me how many stitches I needed and asked if wanted a local anesthetic? I told him that I probably had enough anti-freeze running through my body that I could for go the pleasure.

The doctor put some surgical cloths over my face, I think to escape my alcohol breath. He then proceeded to do his job. It is kind of a surreal feeling to be blind folded and fully aware as someone sticks a needle in your forehead and slowly pulls a string through your skin.

I get back to the apartment I share with my brother about 3am, I got out of bed at 7am and my brother gave me a ride to work(I was in no shape to drive). I walked into my fathers office and sit down in one of his guest chairs and he takes one look at me and says he doesn't think I am in any shape to be at work. I agreed whole heartily and my brother gives me a ride home again

1 week later I am in front of a mirror with nail clippers and a pair of tweezers removing the stitches myself vowing never to drink tequila ever again. I have kept that vow

The real kicker to the whole story the day I showed up drunk in my dad's office was December the 24th. Helluva Christmas present dad lol

Friday, May 01, 2009

Sometimes you have to play to your audience and today I am playing to the one regular who stops by for a visit now and again. Sorry to the rest of you but if you come by you never leave a comment

Anyways back to the picture posted above, Chris you have professed a desire to move back to New York and who can blame you 100 degrees with 100% humidity sucks. But just think in a few years this douche bag will be coming to pick up the little princess to take her to prom LOL

Worse yet could you imagine him as a son in law and having to stare at him over a deboned turkey every christmas?

Anywhooo that me out of verbiage for the day