Friday, October 26, 2007

Okay so you want an update huh

Well the man that gave up hitch hiking apparently broke two bones in his hand and had to have the tendons surgically re-attached to his thumb but is otherwise hale and hearty! And guess what???? I was right it was all my fault just like I figured! Now I have at least 2 government departments breathy hot stinky goobers down my back, all because I have so many employees I play chicken with their lives. I run the safest ship I can but I can not protect against bad luck and stupidity any more than they can legislate against it. I swear they won't be happy till I have 1 safety guy for every employee. Does anyone know where I can buy dozers and hoes with 2 seats?

On the employee front i hired 5 more and lost 2 so that leaves me at +3 at least till Monday when I see who doesn't come in

And Ireland? No i have done something so repugnant that i will never be welcome there again so don't hold your breath on the invitations. But its a lovely place and you shouldn't need an excuse to go as the people are friendly, they even like americans and every one has a cousin from Toronto. Just do yourself a favour if you are going to go to northern Ireland go in June, July and August can be a little dicey up there.

If you find yourself in Antrim Town, County Antrim go to Church Street to a wee pub called the Viscount Oneil's and tell them the Sean the big guy from Canada says hi. Same thing if you go to the Junction 1 Outlet mall in Antrim go to the Starbucks and if Bridget is still the Manager tell her I say hi as well. Its been more than 2 years but i do tend to leave an impression.

Go to the Giants Causeway its worth seeing even if its not worth going to see, especially as they are about to let a developer ruin the whole place.

In fact if I was to spread my wisdom I would say if you want to see northern Ireland go in the next 2 years or don't go at all! Its about to be "discovered" by tourists and it will loose its quiet charm and friendliness.

I almost pity the place as its about to be over ran with a human wave of bawling kids and rude tourists and will be forever changed. I am glad I seen it when it was still pristine. well relatively speaking

Don't worry about renting a car as the public transport is reasonably cheap and clean and besides parking's a bitch there

Well that's enough from me kiddos or at least Chris as my wee blog is almost a private conversation with myself

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Okay its been another shit storm of a day and i need to vent or whine or whateverrrr

I have approximately 60 employees and i have about 70 positions so to say the man power is a little thin on the ground is an understatement

Add to that one of the brain trusts decided to try and give up hitch hiking by nearly tearing his thumb off. Okay it was just an accident but that's not the way workmen compensation will see it, guess who the bad man will be in this scenario? Yeah you're right me again! Its a well proven fact that i regularly hold my employees down and force feed their limbs in to the rock crusher for kicks. And then, then they phone me up to tell me someones hurt and can I do something about it? Christ a cracker!!! well I did do something about it I got someone closer to go and render aid and comfort and move them to the hospital. But honestly if some one is screaming they need help is it really appropriate to say you will take a message and get back to them? Fuck its a good thing I am better at a distance than they are up close!!!!! I can't wait to see the bollocking i get on this, in the era of no personal responsibility.

Another guy accidentally drops a 10,000 pound chunk of concrete so I had to drive 20 miles away and babysit him through the drug testing process because someone has to be in custody of him and be able to swear he is him. I am just the worlds best paid babysitter

Work comes in whether i want it to or not!! Cant these people tell when I don't answer their phone calls its the worlds politest fuck off

Maybe I am just bitter because I had a nice quiet afternoon of bull dozing planned out, quiet serene and calming. For like 5 fucking minutes till the Phone rang !!!!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!

Okay rant over

How was your days dears?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Okay so I have tried to put a humorous spin on things like so many of you successfully do, but at what I fail miserably so I will just get on with getting on

Time off - the two most magical words in the english language! Wish I knew what they meant, as many of you know it was Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend and being a good Canadian boy errr man I was supposed to be having a 3 day weekend. Well it didn't work out so well for me as I ended up working 6 hours Saturday, 4 hours Sunday and 9 hours Monday. so I will end up working at least 13 days straight for a grand total of 144 hours. Yeah boo hoo cry me a river I know we all work hard but I am a man so I just had to have a wine with my cheese

Soul it is interesting you mention fishing as I used to do quite a lot of it. when I was young and wise and it was summer almost every weekend was spent on lake giving fish fat lips. But alas my fishing partner got married once or twice and neither of his wives approved of me lol. I have no idea why as we just went fishing, didn't drink didn't chase loose women we just went and had a quiet time fishing, oh well anyways since I lost my fishing partner I don't really go anymore but still have all my tackle. Oh we don't have bass up here, well maybe a few smallies, but the fish we do have if you are silly enough to stick your fingers in their mouths, you have no one but yourself to blame for the trip to the emergency room. There is nothing quite as soothing is sitting on a boat at dawn on a lake as smooth as glass and nothing but the sound of birds while you cast a lure in on a sand bar waiting for the big one. And then every one else wakes up and has to spoil it.

Anyways if you have the time and the resources fly in fishing is an excellent way to spend a week in August and you can get onto lakes that might see less than a hundred fishermen a year and catch pike that have teeth longer than a wolf and are twice as mean

Many a quiet dawn I would push out the boat from shore all alone, and I wouldn't even start the motor so it didn't disturb the peace, and spend a lazy hour catching fish 200 feet from my buddies cabin on the lake. He never knew it but when I got up to go fishing then for that hour I hoped he stayed in bed. that was my hour to spend alone with the lake, reflecting on the quiet majesty of a bright summers morning when the only one making noise was me and the only noise I was making was the whirring of the line as I cast out searching for the fish.

Oh well that's me being nostalgic!

Work is going nuts and I don't actually have a handle on how much work I have on hand so I am in the unenviable position of deciding to look for more work which I might not be able to do or not looking for work and having the whole place come to a crashing stop.

Some days I envy bureaucrat's as they know exactly how the next 30 years of their life is going to go. then again I thrive on the stress and energy of confrontation and overcoming obstacles.

Sheesh this is the longest post I have written in a long time I think I have verbal diarrhea