Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Seeking support for the Irish chick

no I don't mean financially, she's to proud to take it anyway. And no you aren't a charity case and I never thought you were.

what I mean is the Irish chick reads my blog and disagrees with some or all of my posts. Which of course is her perogative and I want her to express it to me always

what I need your support for is she has threatened to answer my blog, to post her own perspective about our relation ship. I say great fantastic the sooner the better. Partially because I want to understand her better, partially because I want to know her perspective and partially because I want to know where I went wrong.

I want anyone who wants the Irish chicks perspective to please post a message of support asking her to please post what she thinks. Those that don't want to know fuck off and keep it to yourself because I do want to know how she feels.

so please say something or say nothing, but if you don't have anything nice to say shut the fuck up and go someplace else.

now the Irish chick doesn't read my blog all that often so don't expect an instantaneous response but hopefully she see this and does answer.

so babe I challenge to point counter point LOL seriously though if it wont let you respond I will give you my pass word and you can be me

razors back

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Irish chick again

okay I realize you ladies are inordinately interested in the Irish chick, even those not fond of me calling her a chick LOL.

first a preface, I do not call her the Irish chick to be flippant or demeaning its just what I call her instead of using her real name to protect her identity. Even if I used her initials or just her first name their would be a possibility of someone figuring her out, rare though it may be.

I love the Irish chick, I guess I always will. She has been the best part of my life, which is real damn sad considering how old I am and how far away she is.

so lets answer the direct questions

yes the Irish chick is still married

no he doesn't live with her anymore

yes we talk about being together and she has asked me to come and be with her but I have been reluctant for two reasons. 1st I have made some commitments to work and I value my reputation and I won't run out on them, to me its part of being a man, if you give your word you must do your best to follow through and keep it. We are extremely busy at work and if I left now it would put them in a very difficult position because only I know what's really going on. 2nd I have been to see her twice on the understanding it wouldn't be just a visit and twice she sent me home so I am looking for an indication she wants more than a dirty weekend(don't you love those English phrases), our relationship lately has been volatile to say the least and I guess I want to know there's a reason to invest my heart again. I am by nature a quiet , shy man. I don't open my life to anyone even my family doesn't know all that much about me, and I work with them everyday, but she has been allowed further in than anyone ever so she has the potential to hurt me more than anyone. I don't know if that's an explanation but read it again maybe you will understand better.

and to d I noticed your blog has been offline today if you have taken it down because of my comments I am sorry.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

hey ho lets go lmao

okay so I know I haven't written in a bit I have been crazy busy at work, busy crazy with the Irish chick and well just can't think of what to bore you to tears with.

lets start with work
we have approximately 60 positions needed and only 45 asses for seats so I have had to call my own number and go out and work. Unfortunately I still need to be in the office doing my paperwork as well so I have been working 65 hours minimum a week and before you say it I have tried to hire more people, anybody who walks into the office and appears to have an IQ is offered a job even if they didn't come into apply for a job LOL.

I am out building a new rail bed for a rail road siding we are running out of time and I have to try to force it back on schedule. Life sucks and I am a whiner but oh well atleast I am big and ugly

we presently have atleast 50% more work than we can do. But then again that's a good thing

the Irish chick? I don't know what's going on there, we still talk about being together but its been a long time since we were actually together and I don't know. I still want her but love is too complicated for a simpleton like me, or atleast some days it is.

we've been having great weather warm and sunny

um is that enough crap well since I am out I guess it will have to be but honestly if you ask I will do my best to answer honestly

razors back

Monday, May 08, 2006

well good or bad i am back lol

so lets se whats going on in the vast empty expanse of my life

we started a new job today we have to build a mile of rail road track bed

so i got to spend alost the whole day out of my office in the middle of nowhere woo hoo can i get a woop woop

any one who works in an office knows what a pleasure it is to get away from the phones, the stupid people with there stupider questions, the idiotic employees and the annoying customers.

i drove a truck met some engineers, made fun of some engineers (but in all fairness thats pretty easy lol)

anyways i had a good day and think i need a shower a beer and s good nights sleep so unless you've got a keg and are willing to share i shall be going for the night

good bye my freinds and don't let the door knob hit ya where the good lord split ya

razors back

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hello to you my sweet young friends, do you have money perhaps you can lend

okay I'm being weird, good thing I am used to being weird.

its been a week since I blogged so I thought I had better blog before they remove my permit due to lack of use. I mean you would all miss me terribly wouldn't you? LOL

I don't know what to talk about these days so I have been having a bit of writers block.

the only thing I have been doing the last few weeks is working, sleeping and drinking. But I am getting too old to drink myself to death, just cant handle the pace anymore.

I cant get anytime off from work so I cant go on vacation, I spend all weekend re-charging my batteries to go back to work on Monday.

I am 37 years old and I have reached the point of my life where all I find is ennui. Too comfortable to chuck it all and start over, too bored to stay where I am. LOL if I was any other man I think its time to invest in a little red sports car and a prescription for viagra LOL.

LOL I can see it now, my head above the top of the window of a little red convertible, knees scrunched up around my ears, legs twisted into spaghetti trying to hit the pedals, trendy clothes that look completely silly on an old man with grey hair(well atleast I still have hair and not a rug! LOL) and some music that I cant even come close to enjoying or understanding blasting from the fanciest stereo that the punks at the shop could sell me. god it sounds so pathetic LOL I am sure glad I haven't succumbed yet

ah well as the song says "life goes on long after the thrill of living has gone"

if anyone has any questions feel completely free to ask, as ever I don't promise answers but I will likely oblige and it might provide me with inspiration.

razors back