Monday, September 28, 2009

Okay its time once again for the Deavon Creme update

She finished a strong 4th and looks to be ready to move up the ladder to racing in Alberta or British Columbia, she has 1 more week with the bad trainer and then on to greener pastures.

Prairie Ruff n Tuff has already moved on to greener pastures and has a new trainer and hopefully a chance at becoming a race horse. The driver being different then the trainer told us that the horses were poorly trained and even only half broke. I wonder what he did with all my money?

On a schadenfreude moment the trainer just cost one of my fellow race fellows $ 80,000.00 american type greenbacks. He was training their horse and it was a good horse and all it had to do was finish in 2:02 and run the last 1/4 in 29 seconds. Idiot boy went out and ran the guts out of the horse in first 3/4's and left it with nothing to finish even my horse beat him he finished 5th behind Deavon Creme and lost the sale. Best part of the schadenfreude one of the owners of the horse is his father in law

So on it goes for another week, wish me luck!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


In her inaugural race at Marquis downs in Saskatoon Saskatchewan I am proud to announce that the little miss took down the competition and won handily

So yes folks I am Happy Again!

Mighht even have a second horse in the racing game tomorrow

Monday, September 14, 2009

For all the "right" thinking american sheep

The Heartland Lacy Update

My dad's 2 horses both placed third in their respective races so not bad

My freinds horse that he bought for 2,000 dollars won in Alberta setting a new track record for 2 year olds and taking home a purse of $9,000.00 and they are talking about selling him for $60 - 75,000.00

Meanwhile the horses he owns with me and my dad still havent run a race!!!!

I think I am a bitter old man

YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There got that out of my system

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Heartland Lacey Update

Say hello to the newest racehorse in my stable Deavon Creme, True she has been around awhile but she has finally qualified to be a race horse. Yeah!!!

On the regular front my fathers horse Pampered won in his classical style of a hard charge around the last turn from 3rd place, he is 10 years old but hard as nails good luck in Saskatoon

Ray's Folly however was not so lucky especially as he was interfered with and finished a dissapointing 5th. That was all the horses we had running this week

On a darker more dismal note I turned 41 today yay me!