Monday, July 27, 2009


Heartland Lacey finished a solid third and almost second so she is showing a lot more promise and the driver looks a lot more interested in his job.

So it was a much better weekend for me and the horse.

Hopefully it will be even better next weekend

Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Horses have very diverse personalities and it does affect their performance

They call some ponies polite because they refuse to pass other horses so they never win

Some are quitters that will judge their own chances of winning and quit on you

some hate to lose and will give everything they have to win

But yes my fear is he is teaching the horse to quit and therefor lose


I call it my horse but I in fact only own a 25% interest in the horse the driver/trainer owns 50% and another guy owns 25%, so the only way I could fire him is to sell my interest or buy his which I just might do. I would prefer to buy his half but we will see

Monday, July 20, 2009

The trainers finances lets break it down(based entirely on my best guess)

Training fees for 5 horses $ 500.00/month x 5 = $ 2,500.00
Training fees for 1/2 of 3 horses $ 250.00 x 3 = $ 750.00
TOTAL $ 3,250.00
unrecoverable expenses(estimate) MINUS $ 1,000.00

pre tax net income per month $ 2,250.00

enough to get by on but not much more than

The real gravy money comes in driving and winning

Lets assume he won every race

average winning $ 750.00 x 8 = $6,000.00 x 10% drivers fee $ 600.00
1/2 owner of 3 horses 750.00 x 3 X 5 0% = $1,125. 00

potential pretax net income per weekend $ 1,725.00
minus extra expenses $ 00.00

This does not even reflect the fact that he has lost most of his "catch" drives which means more potential money out of his pocket

He is costing himself more money than he is costing me but I am still very unhappy and I may have to consider selling my interest or buying his

Hello to you Chris and all your fine feathered followers

Bad news again on the western front, Heartland Lacey again finished a dismal 7th out 8. Well out of the money and the pride. Not her fault though as the trainer and part owner has not been pulling his weight, he has found a cabal to go and get drunk with on the weekends and hasn't been paying attention to his horses however Saturday life gave him a wedgie and he went home with his tail firmly planted between his legs. Sunday he returned and appeared sober and focused He did much better but his horses were under prepared so he only won a single race and unusually no one picked him up to drive their horses as a catch driver. Unfortunately our horse raced Saturday. He had a shitty pay day this week and I hope it has opened his eyes but I will have to wait till next weekend to see if this was a one day reformation or he has truly woken up from the bad dream. A day too late but never too soon.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The two yearlings are being trained approximately an hour away and I have seen them a few times its not a regular thing

Heartland Lacey on the other hand I have seen almost every week since we bought her and yes I go and pet her and talk to her as she quite likes a wee scratch on the cheek. As well I quite often feed her carrots as well as some of the other horses. I do not feed carrots to other peoples horses as they are private property.

Of course to my trainer they are a means to an end and he does not generally show them any affection, he treats them well and grooms them but I have never seen him scratch an ear and talk to them

So a little of both really
Hi Everybody

Okay first the update, Heartland Lacey finished dead last in her race thanks to an unambitious driver

Now to the question about expense

There is 2 answers to this yes and no

No Heartland Lacey is racing and she is winning enough that she is paying her own way she has cost me nothing except for the initial outlay of $ 375.00 for a 1/4 interest, in fact if I ever get an accounting it may well prove that she owes me money.

Yes, the other two yearlings I own are not racing and they are costing $600.00 each a month to train and board. However since I only own a 1/3 interest in each horse it is only costing me $400.00 plus sundries a month. The problem is that they are months away from paying back the costs involved...... if they ever do

Part of the point of being in a partnership or syndicate in owning horses is to spread the risks and costs out. If I owned just one horse I would be responsible for all the costs and risks associated with the ownership of that horse. so I could conceivably be out thousands of dollars with out the possibility of return if the horse broke down. Since I only own parts of three horses any one of them could break a leg and I would only be out my part of the investment instead of the whole thing

That concludes this lesson in horse ownership 101 any other questions feel free to ask

Monday, July 06, 2009

My Horse Heartland Lacey finished fourth in his race saturday but still brought home a check and she is looking good

My fathers horse Pampered one his race by a nose Sunday, but the nose counts so yeah for him.

Him and his partner are also trying to breed their other horse now that her racing career seems sadly over. So in about 11 months I just might have a new sibbling to contend with! Yeah hahaha make all the jokes you want I know you are jealous