Saturday, September 20, 2008


So far the high light of September is that I turned 40
September sucks, so far I have lost a cousin to suicide and am waiting to hear another has succumbed to cancer. They are both younger than I, and from opposite sides of the family.

Funny thing is that as they come from polar opposite sides of my family they had more in common with each other than with I. One as a vetrinarian and the other was studying to be a vetrinarians assistant

one cousin Marie had dissapeared from my life with the death of my aunt and only recently re-established contact through facebook. I last seen her atleast 20 years ago, I wish I had a close family but I don't

My cousin Christine moved far away along time ago, but she wastess away by cancer, a genetic predisposition in my family I await this fate for myself

add to this an employee who took offense at a remark an decided to destroy private property

And tonight I had 2 employees involved in a single vehicle roll over, they are both okay but I seriously question whether the result is worth the cost, regardless of the cost

Monday, September 08, 2008

And I tried to create the worlds first amphibious RV but initial attempts appear unsuccessful

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Today is the last day of my cling on existence, tomorrow I let go of my 30's and become 40

On the up side does anyone know where I can meet these twins? But I have to get the order right lol

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have entered the final days of my cling on existence in less than a week I join the much reviled 40 something club. But as I am still 39 for a few more days and I AM clinging on with my toe nails I think its time I went a little mad as us young uns is prone to do.

Perhaps I will go and roll my RRSP's into something retro chic and invest it all in ebay stock

No that would be just plain crazy

I guess there is just nothing to look forward in middle age....... except that whole middle age shrinking thing could work for me

Kaplach my cling on brothers and sisters I go not hastily into the darkness but cry not for me I was never meant to be immortal